Ministries of South India

“We go as educators in the faith to people whose lot we share”
(Constitution, 12)

The heart of education is educating the heart.


Holy Cross has already been in Trichy, Mumbai and Kottayam and later in Ghanpur, for some time, involved either in formation or parish ministry. The local people that they thus came into contact with were people who, because they were not educated, could not better themselves or get out of the rut of poverty in which they were stuck. Thus far, educational facilities were out of reach to them either because they were too far away or unaffordable. The religious of Holy Cross soon discerned that if they were to be of any real service to their people, then they had to provide them with education that was affordable and in places that were convenient for them to send their children. Holy Cross Schools were opened in 2002 and 2003 in a very modest way, and with very simple structures. Of late, we have opened the St. Louis School in Mumbai. These schools are still in the fledgling stage and have classes only at the nursery and kindergarten levels, but a beginning has been made. These schools are run according to the characteristic family spirit of Holy Cross, where the religious who manage the schools maintain friendly, informal and approachable relations with parents and their teachers and all those who are associated with their schools. In time to come, Holy Cross Schools will expand so that become not only centres of academic learning, but also places where students will be given the opportunity to grow in genuine human, religious, moral and cultural values and come to take their legitimate place in society with a dignity and a future that is their aspiration and right.

Present Student strength in Holy Cross Schools:

Trichy : 265
Ghanpur : 450
Aymanam : 180
Dahisar : 550


Holy Cross Matriculation School (2002)
Trichy, T.N. - 620 102
Principal: Fr. David Adaikalam
Phone: (0431) 260 270

Holy Cross School (2003)
Station Ghanpur
Warangal Dist.
A.P. - 506 144
Principal: Fr. James Mathew, c.s.c.
Phone: (08711) 221 193

Holy Cross School (2003)
Kerala - 686 015
Principal: Fr. Biju Mathew
Phone: (0481) 251 7471

Holy Cross School (2002)
Near old Bridge
Dahisar (W)
Mumbai - 400 068
Principal: Fr. Leo D'Souza
Phone: (022) 2893-4963